Born in 1964, he grew up in an family of artists and devoted himself to art since he was young.

      At the age of 19 he graduated high school as a sculptor. At that stage he became fascinated by the art of painting by the classic artists and later decided to devote himself to painting.
      Throughout the years as he takes his education into his own hands, he was painting copies of his favorites artists from different schools and nationalities, some of his favorites are:

      – From the Flamand school: Rubens, Frans Schnaiders and Yan Fit;

     – From the Italian school: mostly Karavadjio (who the author worships);

     – From the English: Turner and Constable;

      – From the French:  Gustav Kurbe and Dore; Koro, Constan Troyon and Nartzis Diaz de la Penya from the “barbizonian” school and Clod Mone as a favorite impressionist;

      – From the Russian artist: Issak Lewitan, Vasilii Polenov, Aleksey Savrasov and most of all Ivan Ivazovsky.

      In 2005, combining the two major techniques of “alaprima” and “multilayer” painting, he began creating his own masterpieces (mostly landscapes from his birthplace) which he sales in Norway, Spain, and Italy.

      Lately he is working on a landscape series of paintings of a mountain situated close to his birth town. The project also contains two paintings of a historical theme, closely connected to his birth town.








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